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January 17, 2010

Stuff Christians Like: The Book

Being a brick-and-mortar retail kind of guy, I’m going to hold back a full review of Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff (Zondervan) until closer to the day the fireworks go off, sometime early in April.   Besides, I’m not completely finished reading at this point.

But I want to say a few things about this book now, which I may or may not repeat later.

I think the big question you might ask is, “Why should I buy this book when I’m a regular reader of the blog online?”   That’s what I was wondering going in.   We’re all intimately familiar with the material; this is after all, a Top Ten Christian blog no matter who is counting, perhaps even in the top three or four.

Author/blogger Jon Acuff

Here’s the answer(s):

  1. It’s different.
  2. It’s better.
  3. Gifts.

It’s different.  There’s something different about the book.   A certain je ne sais quoi (French expression meaning, ‘It’s not like the blog at all.’) Maybe something to do with paper, and pages and ink, or the fact that two-thirds of the book has never been seen before online.  (And new illustrations.)

It’s better.  Also it’s a kind of Greatest Hits album from the blog.   It gets directly into the heart of SCL while skipping all those “lesser” and “insignificant” moments, like raising $30,000 in one day to build a Kindergarten classroom.   It’s hard to do that in a book.   This also means that the humor has a higher intensity per page, so eating Skittles while you read is ill-advised, as you might spit them out laughing.

And gifts.   For that person you know who doesn’t have internet.  But watch this last idea.   SCL: The Book is rather generationally specific.   By that I mean you won’t find glowing references [read: not passing references] to Bill and Gloria Gaither, even though some [read: older] Christians like them, but you will find Chris Tomlin, not to mention a host of  contemporary, general-market [read: not Christian] groups mentioned.

Actually, from the first page, this books kick off clearly saying, “This ain’t your grandmother’s Zondervan book.”  So depending on your age, you might not necessarily want to give this to mom or dad, unless they have a sociological interest in what makes next-generation Christ-followers tick.   (Actually, it might scare them.)   Come to think of it, this book should be a textbook in cultural anthropology.

So, as stated, full review to follow.   In the meantime, kick back and enjoy the blog.

Stuff Christians Like — Coming to a bookshelf or coffee table near you.

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