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January 16, 2010

Gay Christian Network Conference: Not-So Full Coverage

I don’t really want to wade into the larger topic of people who have affirmed their homosexuality and at the same time affirmed their faith in Jesus Christ.   It’s a big issue, and I’ve known people on both sides of it.

I just want to know how both the bloggers and the online news media missed the conference held earlier this month in Nashville.

A “before” article in Out and About on January 1st announces the then forthcoming conference, “We’ve heard from many individuals in the music industry, particularly those in the Christian music industry who struggle with the intersection of their faith and sexuality,” Lee said. “So Nashville just made sense.”.    The next day the Athiest Nexus takes a shot at the upcoming meeting, “it’s like, ‘Vegetarian Sausage-makers conference planned…'”

Then, on January 14th, an “after” article at Change.Org reports on the event that was attended by about 400 people, “We see religious groups like the National Organization for Marriage or the institutional Catholic Church extolling the virtues homophobia. But it’s equally important to remember that there’s a huge population of folks who practice a theology that says it’s not only OK to be LGBT, it’s something religion should embrace.”

A day later, another post at Freedom2B reports on the address given by one of the speakers, a guy you may have heard of.

And that’s why this matters.   You see if 400 gay people want to meet in Nashville and discuss their Christian faith, that’s not really news, and I shouldn’t expect media — either bloggers or mainstream — to cover this.

But this conference featured Christian mainstream personalities TONY CAMPOLO and DEREK WEBB; which brings this event onto our radar screen.   It reminds me of when I was writing a Canada column for CCM Magazine, and my editor said, “We don’t really want your news, we just want to hear about our artists who happen to be touring your country.”

So basically this isn’t about the conference itself, but about the spotlight and the legitimacy created for it when Christian authors or musicians show up.   Campolo, albeit, somewhat expectedly; Webb whose song ‘What Matters More’ resulted in him shopping for a new label for his recent Stockholm Syndrome.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t want to discuss the “gay and Christian” issue so much as I want to say that I think this was probably a significant event that the blogosphere didn’t document.  So the question is, Why?  I have a theory…


  1. […] announced tour dates with Derek Webb.    This blog mentioned Webb’s appearance at the Gay Christian Network conference early in the year.    Chris, a gay blogger writing about Webb drew this comment from Jon: I was […]

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  2. If you even had a clue how much the early Catholic Church and Bishop Ambrose created homosexual sin in 390 AD during the Arian Controversy, this wouldn’t even be an issue today. And please don’t forget who controlled all the hand written copies of the Bible for over 1400 years – the Catholic Church with an iron fist and many flaming stakes of born eunuchs or as we call them today, faggots..

    Did the Holy Spirit protect the Word? I ask you, does he control what people put in paraphrased Bibles today?

    Maybe check the foundation = the love relationship of the entire Judo-Christian tradition (David and Jonathan) How ironic our faith is based on the love of two teenage boys over 3,000 years ago. Ain’t that a kick in the pants?

    Still not convinced? The Holy Spirit is a female in the Torah, a neutral gender in the early Koine Greek, and became a male in the first Latin copies of the Word.
    If you ever wondered why 99% of the Jews don’t believe the New Testament or about Christ; do you think not getting the gender of the Holy Spirit may have something to do with that. (snicker)

    So i ask you, did man changed the Word of God to suit his own agendas? Remember even the Jews don’t read the scriptures literally word for word.


    Comment by apologist007 — October 7, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

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