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January 10, 2010

The Trouble With Paris

Last night we binge-watched a four-part DVD curriculum series that was released in Australia in 2007 and picked up by Thomas Nelson in 2008.

The Trouble With Paris features Mark Sayers, described on the packaging as “Australia’s leading young adult specialist” and deals with the media saturation that presents us with a “hyper-reality” that over time leaves us expecting that to be part of our normal experience, when in fact we live life in normal, everyday reality.    Each of the first three parts is really a lead-in to the fourth, which is a big-picture overview of how God’s reality is what we truly need to be seeing and experiencing.

The segments run about 15 minutes each, though I should qualify that by saying that the disc has a number of built-in pauses to consider a small group discussion question.     While the packaging says “four weeks,” this would be an excellent choice for a retreat weekend for young adults or older teens, especially if there was a mix of believers and non-believers.

What’s most impressive however is the audio and video quality.    The curriculum is produced by Room3, a leading-edge video production company in Melbourne whose other work includes promotional videos and commercials with an emphasis on work with non-profits and social justice and community development groups.

At $39.99 US (for a perceived one hour of content)  Thomas Nelson is never going to sell these to individual consumers the way it did the Liquid series or the way Zondervan marketed NOOMA,  but it’s a diamond in the rough your youth pastor or young adults pastor should be aware of.  To watch it on the smallscreen click here but it’s better watched on a giant screen.



Some additional resources by Mark Sayers:

Your Faithclock is Ticking: Why Young Adults leave Church

Why Young Adults Leave Church: Reason 1 Choice Anxiety

Why Young Adults Leave Church: Reason 2 Post-Christian Identity

Why Young Adults Leave the Church: Reason 3 The Pornification of Christian Resources

Why Young Adults Leave Church: Reason 4 Consumerist Spirituality


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