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January 4, 2010

And Now You Know The Rest of the Story

Regular readers on this blog know you can count on me for the latest breaking Christian news.  If it happens, you’ll find it here — unless of course I’m doing something else at the time. But what happens after the story is already posted?

  • On New Year’s Eve, I mentioned that Rick Warren needed $900,000 to meet his church’s year end budget.   He got $2.4 million US (the green ones) dollars.  And still counting.  Original story here.    Follow up story at USAToday.
  • She jumped out of her seat and violently knocked the Pope to the ground at a Christmas Eve service.    Afterwards, she got a hospital (phychiatric ward) visit from one of the Pope’s aides.   Original story here.   Follow up at (again) USAToday.
  • Philip Wise

  • The Salvation Army officer in Little Rock, AK who was shot and killed on Christmas Eve in front of his young, recently-adopted children was laid to rest on Saturday.   The children had been with him and his wife just 18 months.    Original story here (same link as above item).    Funeral service details here.    So very sad.  Philip Wise was 40 years old.
  • The man whose Ponzi scheme defrauded investors out of $14.1 million and nearly brought down the whole Crossroads Christian Television (100 Huntley Street) empire in the process has agreed to “turn over his ‘ ill-gotten gains’ and pay a penalty” according to a December 14th story in the Hamilton Spectator.     But the deal with the Security Exchange Commision (SEC) in the U.S. does not grant immunity from criminal charges.   Original story here.
  • The report I hastily put up here before year-end about James Dobson getting back on radio again after leaving Focus on the Family wasn’t surprising, as Dobson has seemed to be distancing himself from Focus over a period of many months.   Steve Rabey at the blog Get Religion noticed this also and provides some background, noting the potential ‘competition’ that now exists between Focus and the new venture, called James Dobson On The Family.   Continue reading here.

Comments posted containing personal attacks on individuals, including Rick Warren or the Pope, will be quickly deleted.


  1. Why did you report that the Ponzi scheme “nearly brought down the whole Crossroads Christian Television” when the article you cite plainly says that the network was not affected or involved?

    Comment by jay randall — January 5, 2010 @ 1:29 am

    • I knew about this story for several weeks before I became one of two of the early bloggers who went public with it, and from the beginning I’ve always toned down the story out of respect for an organization I once worked with.

      But in the early days there were genuine fears that the removal of the Mainse brothers (and their wives) as hosts would have a serious affect on donations. (Which I’m sure, in some small measure it did, just not as much as feared.) It did cause a lot of strife and angst within the ranks of its employees as well. However, the secular media never really ran with the story, $14.1M just wasn’t enough to catch their interest. And Jim Cantelon and Moira Brown proved themselves worthy hosts; some actually said the show improved without Ronald and Reynold.

      However, I’m told to this day Reynold Mainse has yet to appear back on the program. So the event was not without some long term consequences.

      To this day, the ministry has maintained that Crossroads money was never implicated; it was just the Mainse brothers’ discernment as Christian leaders that was questioned.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — January 5, 2010 @ 9:12 am

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