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December 1, 2009

Your Prayer Requests / Blogging Transparently

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Got Prayer Requests?
Use the Comments Section in this post

As a family, we get together at 9:00 PM EST and often include items gathered throughout the day from my work (confidentiality permitting.)  Today, I thought, “Why not open this up to our blog community as well?”   Feel free to list anything on your heart, but if it’s not for yourself, don’t use names.    I think it’s good for us to pray for things outside our family circle.   Sometimes our prayer life can be very insular, which isn’t good in a world of global need.  If you miss tonight’s connection, there’s always tomorrow.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I got to be the “preacher” last week at a Toronto church.   So it’s rather strange to move from that to not really knowing where I’m going to church this coming Sunday, don’t you think?

We’ve been in church limbo since mid March.    The one church that is the most obviously landing place for us is the one we’ve been to about every other week since August.   That’s right, every other week.   Call it a protective mechanism or a protective response. Like those plants that close up when you touch them.   We’ve both been hurt real bad.   (Taking speaking assignments allows me to legitimize some of the absences.  Yes, church leaders have feelings.)

One thing I like about the pastor at the one place we’ve been visiting is how he allows his congregation to get to know him through his personal illustrations.    He uses PowerPoint — actually it’s Apple Keynote — to post scripture verses and pictures.   Personal pictures.   So far, in a very limited number of visits, I’ve seen his old motorcycle, the house he and the Mrs. bought and even the church where he first decided to follow Christ.   Cool.

Which brings me to blogging.   I think some of the best blogs are where you really meet the heart of the person writing; where you really get to know them, warts and all.  (That kind of transparency is also why I enjoy reading another pastor:  Pete Wilson’s blog, Without Wax; always listed in the right column.)  I think it’s the most authentic kind of online communication.   A few times I’ve had a lump in my through, or felt my eyes tearing up reading things written by people I consider part of my online community.

But truth be told, I really only write about one true “heart piece” a week.   A lot of this blog is links, great quotes, cartoons, links and news reports.

Which brings us to the two items that ran yesterday.   (I won’t mention them by name, because I don’t want spiders picking up on them in the webcrawl.)

I think both of these subjects — both the one about the TV preacher and the international story — are worthy of mention.    But what surprised me the most, besides the traffic, was that nobody else on Alltop-Church or Alltop-Christian was mentioning either one of them.  And Alltop lists each blogger’s last five posts.

Perhaps they were doing “heart pieces.”  Or posting pictures of their first house.   I hope so.  Maybe they were just promoting books, getting palpitations about the next conference, or discussing their Twitter feeds.   Don’t know.   Don’t want to judge.

But I felt it was worth putting up two traffic-grabbing items the same day, because that’s when both stories were breaking.   Today however, seems a good day to take a deep breath.   And asking for your prayer requests just seems fitting today.

Sometime between now and our next meeting, we’ll cross the 100,000 mark on this blog.  (The counter is lagging by about 3,600 — we’ll fix it after it crosses the 100,000.   Keeps me humble.)  I’m very grateful for all of you even though you don’t leave a lot of comments.

And if I can find a picture of a dark green 1973 Pontiac Astre — yeah, really; please don’t ask — I’d be happy to share with you a shot of the first car I bought.  (Not even sure I spelled it right.)     And hopefully a lot more “heart pieces.”

The comments and prayer requests line is now open.


  1. Paul: Please pray for me as I battle severe depression. I’m enrolled in the Day Hospital Program at North York General for 3 weeks. It seems to be helping. I value your prayers and the prayers of the Lord’s people. THANK YOU!

    Comment by David Fisher — December 1, 2009 @ 8:31 pm

  2. Thanks, Dave. You’ll be remembered. I read a little about it on your blog, but thanks for the prayer reminder.

    Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — December 1, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

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