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August 28, 2009

What Goes On Before and After Your Church Service?

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I left this comment at the discussion at Internet Monk called “The Evangelical Liturgy,” a continuing analysis of the various elements that make up a church service.

I’m thinking that while the weekend service may be the hub around which the local church wheel revolves — except of course for that small handful of churches that are totally defined by what they do the rest of the week — you can also gauge much of their spirituality by watching what they do in the minutes that lead up to the call to worship and the minutes that follow the benediction.

“There’s nothing wrong with pre-service ‘fellowship’ if it’s true spiritual fellowship. Building depth and community through being invested in other peoples’ lives and allowing them to invest in yours. NOT discussing yesterday’s game, the weather or a new car purchase.

There’s nothing wrong with pre-service announcements if we see them as opportunities for greater service, building community, deeper teaching, or meeting needs. NOT ‘commercials’ for the agendas of different ministries or committees who also compete for who gets the brightest colored bulletin insert.

I’m not saying we should try to ’spiritualize’ everything we do in life, but I think we should try to intentionally spiritualize everything we do in church.”

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  1. Our church is rather new (11 months) but I have noticed after the service people mingle and talk, sometimes up to an hour. Discussion range from the message to making plans to get together during the week and fellowship.

    Before the service most just come in and grab a coffee and begin to take their seats….chatting while waiting for things to start.

    Comment by Rick Apperson — August 28, 2009 @ 10:27 pm

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