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July 12, 2009

Sunday Setlist Surprise

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Fred McKinnon

A special welcome to all of you who have come here via Fred McKinnon’s worship blog, and especially The Sunday Setlist post for July 12.   You’ve just been blogjacked, but don’t worry, your computer isn’t going to start playing a Rick Astley song or anything like that.

Here the scoop:   Sunday Setlist is going to celebrate its 52nd installment next weekend, and while on holidays this week, I had a bit of a vision about the idea of Sunday Setlist as a one-hour weekend program on Christian Radio.   Modern Worship is a driving force in many of our churches and the people in the pews often share the same passion for it as the people on the platform.

Here’s the deal:   Someone — maybe Fred himself — hosts a one hour program on a network like Salem or KLOVE or several independent stations consisting of commercial recordings of three or four of the most recurring worship songs from the previous week’s setlists from churches in America and around the world; two or three recurring ‘up and coming’ songs; and then one church’s setlist is highlighted in its entirety along with the comments by the worship leader, copied to audio via a phone interview.    The show could also contain a “story behind the song” feature if time permits, as well as a quality recording of an original worship song some church is using.

The title and motto would be:  “The Sunday Setlists — Featuring Choice Material from Worship Leaders in The U.S., Canada and Around the World.”

Possible?   Some stations are dying for more weekend program features.   You guys reading this are all “in the biz” so to speak and know the contacts needed to make it happen.  Remember, it’s not about broadcasting individual church worship bands — Christian radio is only so progressive —  but using the recordings that enabled you to select the songs you already are using.   That way the show can be assembled quickly from the lists you post the week previous.

I know this is rather extreme; but I see “The Sunday Setlists” starting on a small list of stations by early as this fall, and growing into one of the top Christian weekend radio shows very quickly.

For those of you who didn’t come here from Fred’s blog, take a minute to visit The Sunday Setlists here.


  1. wow…cool idea…big idea. there’s at least 2 small Christian stations in the phoenix area. definitely possible. i’ll be interested to see how this develops.

    Comment by Marina Berryman — July 13, 2009 @ 10:19 pm

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