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July 9, 2009

Montreal Jazz Festival Defines Total Commitment

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One of the things that constantly strikes me each year when visiting the Montreal Jazz Festival as we did this week, is the number of business, professional and retail companies that are totally displaced for two weeks by this event.   Entire city blocks are shut down, traffic is detoured, and the evening events run quite late and quite loud.

I can’t help but think of the cities where this simply would NOT work.   I’m not sure what compensation is given to these business owners, but I do know that overall, for the entire city, this event brings in major bucks.   So you know that people are going to buy-in to the bigger picture.

Individual people sacrificing their personal freedoms for a greater goal.   This event is a great illustration.   While the music is excellent, and Mrs. W. and I love the free, outdoor concerts; you can’t help see something bigger happening here.

And if people will do this simply for the love of music, what sacrifices might people be willing to make for even higher goals?   Matters of life, death and eternity.    Matters of the heart.   Matters of the soul.  The good news about Jesus Christ.

We who possess this message ought to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it out there.   Even if it means closing city blocks and staying up late into the night.   But in our case, it may call for a different type of sacrifice, and quiet whispers instead of mass events. It may just involve you. Or me.

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