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June 19, 2009

Sunday Morning = Worship + Preaching

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Let’s start with preaching.

Rob Bell is hosting a conference in Grand Rapids in a couple of weeks that I hope is well attended by those who are paid to to entertain us minister the Word of God to us on a weekly basis.   The conference is called, “POETS, PROPHETS, and PREACHERS.”   It features ROB BELL, SHANE HIPPS and PETER ROLLINS, and runs July 5 – 7.

Here’s what he said in his sermon on May 10th about the conference:

rob_bell“A sermon should be electric.   It shouldn’t be something that people ‘sit through’ so they can go to lunch.   It should be something that rattles your cage and disturbs you and comforts you and inspires you and provokes you…  Preaching is an ancient, primal art form.  You didn’t just sit back and ‘evaluate them,’ you were caught up in something because the communicator was caught up in them.”

To learn more about the conference — registration fee of $250 covers both you and a spouse or both you and a friend — visit this website.   If you can’t go, read about the conference anyway.   You might just decide you do want to go.  Hey, you might even decide you want to preach.

Now let’s talk about worship.

The Internet Monk (a.k.a. Michael Spencer, who is not a monk) has done it again.  Although this one was one of his shorter posts, it has produced a lot of comments, which means this is an issue that causes people to want to put in their two cents.   (That’s two pence for you Brits!)

This was actually posted on June 12th, so we’re latecomers to this one:

treble clefWe have, within a matter of 50 years, completely changed the entire concept of what is a worship service. We’ve adopted an approach that demands ridiculous levels of musical, technical and financial commitment and resources.

We have tied ourselves to the Christian music industry and its endless appetite for change and profit. We have accepted that all of our worship leaders are going to be very, very young people…

…There is no way for this to end well. This is like a NASCAR car with the throttle stuck open. We’re stuck on a roller coaster and we can’t get off.

Worship has now become a musical term. Praise and worship means music. Let’s worship means the band will play. We need to give more time to worship doesn’t mean silent prayer or public scripture reading or any kind of participatory liturgy. It means music.

Even singing is getting lost in this. As the volume and the performance level goes up, who knows who is singing?

And who can stand for 20, 30 or 40 minutes?

Check out the whole article here.  It just takes a couple of minutes.   But don’t stop there.   There were 197 comments posted before iMonk got the concert security people ushers to close the doors.   Some of them will hit where you live.

The second graphic is a thing called a ‘treble clef.’  You see a long time ago, before there were guitar charts for everything, we used something called staff notation, a staff having five lines…


  1. I just finished reading a book titled, Salvation Highway. I found it very educational as a Christian. It address many of societies problems and how we have pushed God away. The best part about my purchasing this book, is the author donates all of the books’ proceeds to support missionary work. The book’s blog site is

    Comment by James Mackey — June 21, 2009 @ 10:04 am

    • Okay. I’ll post your comment. Does it have anything to do with this topic? No. Is it exactly the same text as you’ve posted to other blogs? Yes, exactly. Is this gonna cause sales of that book to go viral? Not a chance.

      Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — June 21, 2009 @ 2:44 pm

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