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April 4, 2009

God of This City: Lyrics, Video, Story

bluetreeAs the Bluetree Greater Things album featuring God of This City composer Aaron Boyd is currently the number one Christian album on SoundScan, here’s a catch-up for those not familiar with this excellent new worship song.

The lyrics from

Verse 1
You’re the God of this city
You’re the King of these people
You’re the Lord of this nation
You are

You’re the light in this darkness
You’re the hope to the hopeless
You’re the peace to the restless
You are

For there is no-one like our God
There is no-one like our God

Greater things have yet to come
Greater things are still to be done
In this city
Greater things have yet to come
And greater things have still to be done here

Verse 1
You’re the Lord of Creation
The Creator of all things
You’re the King above all Kings
You are

You’re the strength in our weakness
You’re the love to the broken
You’re the joy in the sadness
You are

The acoustic version of the song and the story behind its writing from Tangle.

Bluetree Belfast version (with full band) of the song at YouTube — most-viewed edition is a homemade singalong edition with great visual lyrics.

Another YouTube — Chris Tomlin leading live worship using the song at June ’07 at Frenzy in Edinburgh, Scotland

There are dozens of covers and homemade videos on YouTube.   Start with the Tangle clip.

Because…Greater things are yet to come…Greater things are still to be done…



  1. I liked this song the first time I heard it, and now I carry a copy on my iPod. It’s really beautiful and I like the way the song builds in energy.

    Christine Smith
    LifeVerse Jewelry

    Comment by Christine Smith — April 4, 2009 @ 5:14 pm

  2. i love this song!

    Comment by fireball3316 — April 5, 2009 @ 6:35 pm

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