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February 21, 2009

When There Are Only Twelve Churches Left in the Entire U.S.

godcastBy the year 2020, there will only be a dozen Evangelical churches left in the United States.  All other local congregations will be video satellite campuses of those twelve.

Several months ago, I left this comment or one very similar to this in the response section of another blog.   I left it, more or less in jest.   Now, I’m not so sure.

Bob Hyatt has written an excellent post on this.   For several minutes, I have been wrestling with the thought of cutting and pasting his entire piece here, knowing from my stats the percentage of people who actually click on links.   But I think what follows is sufficient to whet your appetite; when you’re done, backtrack to read the whole article here.

First came architectural improvements to increase the range of a speaker’s voice. Then microphones to throw the voice even further. Then radio, television, tape and CD ministries, podcasts, vodcasts… and the seed of the video venue, the “overflow room.” All with the goal of taking the gift of preaching and extending its reach and impact.

So far, so good, right?

But now, we have all this technology. We’re not only recording the sermon, we’re video taping it and we have discovered we can send that video, not just to the next room, but to a building across the campus, across town, across the state, around the world…

Now, the preaching gift of one person has the ability not simply to reach the back row, but the next town, state, continent. And we’re not just talking about Spurgeon publishing his sermons or Schuller putting his on TV or Driscoll putting his on iTunes…

NOW we’re talking about not just influencing local preachers by making the “best” communicators’ sermons available… we’re talking about replacing those local teaching elders.

Talk about pushing something to an extreme.

The technology that once enhanced the preaching of others, influenced and enriched it? It’s making it superfluous.

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  1. That will only happen if you don’t believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Do you really believe modernity can squash the Creator?

    Stone the blasphemer! :o)

    Comment by Jim — February 21, 2009 @ 9:17 pm

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