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February 19, 2009

What if You Were The Bible’s Editor? — A Blogsteal from 22 Words

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unique-bibles-for-teensAnything in the blogosphere worth reading is also worth stealing, comments and all.  But imagine the idea of you being named the general editor of this collection of sixty-plus books.  First, here’s how Abraham Piper* blogged it this morning at 22 Words:

How Would The Bible Be Different If You Had Been Its Editor?

I sometimes wonder what it means that everyone, even those who love Scripture most, would’ve reworded parts if they’d been in charge.

It’s almost an unaskable question, just like ‘unaskable’ is almost a word!  But here’s some of the better comments, hijacked from 22 Words and being detained here for eternity, or until A.P. writes and tells me to knock it off, whichever comes first.

  • I think I would have tried to do the book of Leviticus in twenty-two words…
  • There would be pictures
  • Oh. that’s just not a good idea for me to even think about doing. No. No way.
  • It would get stopped and restarted many times, and probably never get finished
  • The mystery would be gone. We might not have to trust God as fully, because we would (think) we understood what he was up to…
  • Song of Songs would be a LOT more clear and helpful for newlyweds …IF you know what I mean…
  • I would’ve added chapter markings right away so some guy in the 13th century wouldn’t do such a poor job of it.

*Yes, he is related.  Isn’t that rather obvious?   Piper Palin is named after him.   No, wait a minute…  it’s in my notes here somewhere…

Post your comments at 22 Words (use link above) so they can join the chorus with other readers.

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