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February 28, 2009

Broadcaster Paul Harvey Dies at Age 90

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paul-harvey1Radio legend Paul Harvey, whose news and commentary segments always ended with his distinctive sign-off, “Paul Harvey….good day,” died today at the age of 90, ABC Radio Network reported Saturday.

He died Saturday at his winter home in Phoenix, surrounded by family, network spokesman Louis Adams said. No cause of death was immediately available.

Harvey never viewed himself as a newsman, even though some 18 million people tuned into his daily reports to hear his 15-minute take on the day’s events.

“I’m a professional parade watcher who can’t wait to get out of bed every morning and rush down to the teletypes to pan for gold,” he told CNN’s Larry King in 1988.

That he did with a vengeance since those teletype days in 1951, arriving at his Chicago studio in the pre-dawn hours to produce two news and commentary segments and his evening The Rest of the Story (written by his son, Paul) which were carried on some 1,100 radio stations and 400 Armed Forces Radio Network stations.


The following is a statement from ABC Radio Networks:

Paul Harvey was one of the most gifted and beloved broadcasters in our nation’s history. As he delivered the news each day with his own unique style and commentary, his voice became a trusted friend in American households. His career in radio spanned more than seven decades, during which time countless millions of listeners were both informed and entertained by his “News & Comment” and “Rest of the Story” features. Even after the passing of his loving wife Angel in May 2008, Paul would not slip quietly into retirement as he continued to take the microphone and reach out to his audience. We will miss our dear friend tremendously and are grateful for the many years we were so fortunate to have known him. Our thoughts and prayers are now with his son Paul Jr. and the rest of the Harvey family. “

source: BNO News


Quebec: Churches On Sale For $1 – And No Buyers

One church seats 1,000, barely 100 people show up on Sunday, and the offering might be $125. The story of increasingly abandoned, barricaded or demolished churches in Canada’s french-speaking province of Quebec made page four of the print edition of today’s Toronto Star.  Churches are being offered for as low as $1, and even at that price, some don’t sell.

The fire sale of Catholic churches in Quebec continues unabated; they are victims of a population that, more than elsewhere in Canada, has turned its back on organized religion… Parishes are facing the prospect of finding no buyers for their churches… [One church official said,] “Even in selling them for $1, it’s happening that no buyer is interested in the churches for sale. This is new.”

In a country where the percentage of people calling themselves Roman Catholic is nearly twice that of neighbouring United States, Catholic stats for this one province zoom even higher.   There’s a reluctance to sell or close parishes because of Catholic doctrine which stresses the rites and sacraments — particularly the baptism of infants and Christian burial of those who pass on — but those doctrines are insufficient to compel regular attendance at mass.   In other words, even though they still consider themselves Roman Catholic when the census taker calls, most don’t have any consideration of attendance at other times, including marriage — Catholics in Quebec are more likely to live together than be joined in Holy Matrimony.   Many have a personal belief-set that is more atheistic or agnostic than Catholic.

saint-eustache-churchThe story describes an activist bishop in the 1950s wanted to make sure that churches were close at hand in the region of Sherbrooke; that region is now seeing a record number of church sales, with twenty-five sold in the last few years.

The Saint Eustache Church, north of Montreal (pictured here — photo taken from the choir loft) possesses world renowned acoustics and is considering a second life as a recording studio.

You can continue reading the whole Toronto Star story here.


Bonus article

The Eight Things That Destroyed Our Marriage
by Justin Davis

Pete Wilson at the blog Without Wax (see our blogroll) put us on to this series of eight posts in February, 2009 by his friend Justin Davis, and I thought it would be good to have this available as one continuous piece.    It’s now posted here in the “Pages” section of this blog, and will remain up for many months.   You can direct link to it here.

February 27, 2009

Dobson Resigns His Focus on the Family Board Chair

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jamesdobson1Conservative evangelical leader James Dobson has resigned as chairman of Focus on the Family but will continue to play a prominent role at the organization he founded more than three decades ago.

Dobson notified the board of his decision Wednesday, and the 950 employees of the Colorado Springs-based ministry were informed Friday morning at a monthly worship service, said Jim Daly, the group’s president and chief executive officer.

Dobson, 72, will continue to host Focus on the Family’s flagship radio program, write a monthly newsletter and speak out on moral issues, Daly said.

Dobson’s resignation as board chairman “lessens his administrative burden” and is the latest step in a succession plan, the group said. Dobson began relinquishing control six years ago by stepping down as president and CEO.

So reads a report posted mid-afternoon on the Religion page of USAToday.   Continue reading here…

Bonus article for today:

I Find it Difficult to be Led
“…To be effectively led I must be ultimately yielded in two ways. First I must be willing to have the image of who I am chiseled in such a way that it slowly becomes a picture of the attributes of Christ. This is the work of a master craftsman, done with fine instruments over time. For God to do this to me, I daily must choose to remain pliable in His hand. And secondly, I must be yielded in my willingness to be led to where God needs to stamp my gifts and talents for His glory. To be effectively led I must be ultimately yielded in two ways. First I must be willing to have the image of who I am chiseled in such a way that it slowly becomes a picture of the attributes of Christ. This is the work of a master craftsman, done with fine instruments over time. For God to do this to me, I daily must choose to remain pliable in His hand. And secondly, I must be yielded in my willingness to be led to where God needs to stamp my gifts and talents for His glory.”
~Cynthia Clarke writing Feb 7th on the blog Girl In A Glass House.

February 26, 2009

The Law of Averages and the Word of Knowledge

There’s someone reading this and you’ve got a pain in your neck and shoulders.

As I type those words, I don’t actually know them to be true.   Given the number of readers of this blog, and given that they are all “computer people” who are given to the strains of sitting at a computer for all or part of the day, it’s a safe bet.

There’s some reading this and you’ve got pain in your neck and shoulders and Jesus wants to heal you.

The first part of the sentence is covered by the law of averages, the second part is a categorical statement based on my belief that healing is the “normal,” but we’re prevented from seeing it frequently because of lack of faith or sin.   In other words, Jesus is still positively disposed and favourably inclined to heal, but because of a variety of factors, we don’t see healing at a rate the first century Christ followers experienced it.

Jesus is healing someone right now of pain in the neck and shoulders.

That statement would be a word of knowledge; were it not a word which I wrote in my own flesh.   (Though granted, there may be someone with such a pain for whom my choosing their condition as my “for example,”  provides the faith-lift they need to see God really do something special.)

My point is that we can sometimes make categorical statements knowing that they are by no means false.

There’s a man here in church this morning and you’re struggling with an online addiction to pornography.

If the church is bigger than 20 people, I’m betting that it’s not rocket science to safely make that statement.    We know that peoples’ lives are constantly in flux and change when it comes to the things of the Holy Spirit.   So it was that I once heard someone say this:

There are two kinds of people here today; you’re either moving toward the cross or moving away from the cross.

Again, not rocket science.   Hearts burning ever brighter towards God versus hearts growing cold.   It happens.   People chomping at the bit for the next steps God has for them, versus people who are a heartbeat away from walking out the church, putting the Bible on the shelf at home, not soon to return to either.   It happens.

thecrossThe line is also used in marriage counseling.   The pastor will take the husband and wife into the sanctuary and put them on opposite sides of the auditorium facing the platform; then tell them to start walking towards the cross.   Then he’ll tell them, “When you’re moving towards the cross, you can’t help but be drawn closer to each other.”

Someone else put it:

There are two kinds of people here, those whose best days spiritual are ahead of them, and those whose best days spiritually are already behind them.

Of course, there are no limits on what God can do down the road, and no limits on how he can use even our hardened hearts or closed minds to speak to us.

We are encouraged to look out for each other.    Love and encourage those whose faith is weak; who are in a spiritual valley.   Love and celebrate with those who are experiencing mountain top experiences.    You don’t need a word of knowledge to know this; the law of averages says there are people around you in both categories.    You don’t need to know whether someone falls into one category or the other; you simply reach out to people where you find them, and God will show you what to do next.

I am responsible for my own spiritual health, but I need to be aware that there are people around me who are writing their own story.   I need to support those structures that give them — and all of us — context to help move towards the cross; to see the best days in our walk with God ahead.

So how about you?  Best days yet to come, or coasting on some experience that took place years ago?    Start moving towards the cross!

Passionate Worship Music Not Sold in Stores

One of my employees just put me on to a YouTube cut of a passionate vocalist, Kim Walker singing at Jesus Culture event in California for an indie recording project called We Cry Out.  The nearly 9-minute song is called Oh, How He Loves Us and you can watch at
If you enjoy that one, you can see a different artist at the same event, doing an 8-minute worship song, Your Love Never Fails

Left Behind Theology

“Two women will be working in the field, one will be taken and one left behind.”   If those words have always modified a Thessalonians passage for you that deals with being “caught up to meet the Lord in the air,” chances are you’re a big fan of Left Behind theology. Open to other possibilities?  In the blogroll, go to “sermons” and click on “Greg Boyd / Woodland Hills” and either download or listen to the sermon for February 15th. Or use this quick link:

February 25, 2009

Why II Kings is in the Bible – Besides the History Thing

I’m certainly not one of those “Everything happens for a reason” people, but I do believe every book in the Bible is there for many reasons, and with II Kings, the clearest message that I see is that when it comes to their relationship with God, not everybody ends well.

I wrote about II Kings on February 28th last year; and that article was based on a piece that first circulated in 2007; this is the third time around for these thoughts, so obviously it matters a lot to me.

living-bibleIn II Kings we see a succession of leaders, many of whom are relegated to the most minimal of mentions.   In the original The Living Bible, Ken Taylor in his most paraphrasial — ya like that word? — moment in the entire work actually lapses into point form in the later chapters.  It could be called the “bullet point” translation.   One could think that Taylor tired of the various Kings simply not getting it.  Basically there are four main types of stories told and each King is representative of one of them:

  • Started badly, ended badly
  • Started well, ended badly
  • Started badly, ended well
  • Started well, ended well

There are several benefits to reading this.   It should make you want to end well, to leave a legacy of faithfulness and devotion to God, His word, and His work.   But if you’re not solidly signed up in the eternal security camp, it also means you must end well.   It allows the possibility that I can blow this Christ-following thing, with severe consequences.

Of course it helps that God, by His Holy Spirit is constantly nudging us closer to His ways.   There are times in our lives however, when we don’t respond to His prompting.   In the Revelation given to John, a message to the church in Laos ascribes three possible states of response:  hot, cold, or lukewarm.    Although the descriptors here apply to the local church as a collective noun, I believe the same terms can also apply to us individually.

heat-sensitive-imageMany of those who are cold or even lukewarm will recommit themselves down the road, but in terms of the here and now, if you were to take a picture of the spiritual temperature of people using a “spiritual heat sensitive” camera, you’d find that not everyone is responding to what the Spirit is suggesting.   Or demanding; God’s not big on suggestions!   Some just love their sin too much.   Others are just spiritually apathetic.    Some are just too busy.

One of the biggest myths in the Church (capital ‘C’ this time) is to suggest that “It’s all good.”   To me, that’s not dissimilar from the Universalist perspective.  It’s all good if it all ends well.   Right here, right now, in the middle of the story, we don’t see so clearly how it will end.   We have absolutely, positively no idea what’s going on in the lives of people at the deepest level, so we can’t begin to assume what God may be doing, or what He may be using to work His purposes,  but if II Kings tells us anything it is that even Kings, representing the highest their country has to offer, can refuse to see the need to make God part of their lifelong equation.

lifes-journeyAnother myth is to say “We’re all on a spiritual journey.”   The Greeks held that there were four core ‘essences:’ Earth, Air, Fire and Water.   Knowing their list didn’t account for everything in the world, they held that there was a fifth essence, ‘quintessence,’ representing ‘spirit.’   Unfortunately many people live lives that are dominated by earth or air or fire or water or whatever modern equivalents represent our modern passions.   Their journey can’t be characterized as spiritual at all; or if it contains elements of spiritual life, it appears to be a journey to nowhere.

In Jesus time, we see life represented in the phrase, “heart, soul, mind and strength;” both in terms of Jesus early life in Luke 2:52, but also in how we are to love the Lord with all our being.   Some people allow their lives to be dominated by mental or intellectual accomplishments (mind) or physical prowess (strength) or their physical or emotional passions (the eros and philios loves; soul) rather than by a focus on their own spirit and the spiritual side of life.

Of course, it is not for us to know what God is doing in everyone’s lives.   We are responsible for the ending to our own story, not that of anyone else.

I want my life to be spirit-focused; to be quintessence-focused.   I want the center of that focus to be Jesus Christ.   I want to end well.   I want those around me to end well, too.

February 24, 2009

Thinking Out Loud — One Year Anniversary

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first_birthdayYou say it’s your birthday.   Well, it’s my birthday, too, yeah!

Twelve months ago today, overflowing with content from an e-mail newsletter, I launched Thinking Out Loud.    I chose the rather drab, gray theme for this because of its wide margin.   Content over aesthetics.    I didn’t realize that locked me into a teeny tiny type size, and didn’t know how to fix it.   Didn’t know how to add pictures.    Didn’t know how to approve comments.

Plus, I figured I wouldn’t write anything; I’d just use a huge backlog of articles I’d developed in other places for other reasons.    Boy, did I get that one wrong.   As every Israelite knows, the manna doesn’t stay fresh for long.

I also figured I’d read more stuff online, but didn’t realize that other bloggers would spur me on to read more books as well.   Do I get a diploma for doing this?   A little academic credit perhaps?

first-birthday-shirtI did figure out enough HTML to get this to a bigger type size;  started adding a graphic or picture or some other visual to every post; but opted, for the sake of those on dial up, not to embed videos, but just link to them.   I’d still like to learn CSS, but enough on that topic since one of the goals of this blog is NOT to discuss gadgets or the technology itself.   (If this blog were a band, we would not do songs about life on the road.)

I think I did my best writing on other peoples’ blogs, though; carefully weighing whether my motive was just to get my link on theirs, or whether I truly had something unique or passionate to add to the discussion.  While I hate to cross-post things written elsewhere, and hate to steal topics; I’ll try to bring more of those subjects back home to this blog in the new year, without sacrificing the crazy T-shirts or the cartoons.

Our two biggest “draws” here — spiking the daily numbers really high — were the bankruptcy of R. G. Mitchell, a large Canadian book distributor and chain of retail stores; and anything to do with Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral.   In the past year I also put my book online using a blog template; started a blog for Canadian Christian bookstore owners;  continued using a blog page — with a single post — to update Christian community events and started a blog dealing with local issues in the community where I live (which actually consists mostly of rants!)

We joined the growing Alltop aggregator and thereby met even more writers and were introduced to a new world of readers.   Don’t forget that there are THREE Alltop sites of interest to you:

first-birthday-cupcakeI’m also thankful for the bloggers who’ve engaged discussion and offered encouragement offline such as Jim Lehmer at Lord I Believe; Anne Jackson at Flowerdust; Pete Wilson at Without Wax; Jeff Goins at Wrecked for the Ordinary; and Dave Fisher at Pilgrim Scribblings.   (too many to link — see blogroll at right)

And Happy Birthday to Abraham Piper at 22 Words who celebrated his first anniversary just a day before ours!

I also need to thank my wife and family, who endure requests like “How do you spell…?” and “Can you guys stop using bandwidth for a minute?” and general explosions when either my computer or the one at WordPress isn’t doing what has “always worked before.”

I’ve added a new page yesterday, it’s called Keys To Taking Your Quantum Leap, aka Christianity & Quantum Physics.   It’s actually an e-mail forward that has gone viral in the last few days; just for those of you who don’t have a lot of “Forward friends.”    I also added a page for pastors that will change every few months; it kicked off with a collection of four posts from pastor Perry Noble.

I also want to thank Rick (see today’s previous post) for writing me this morning and reminding me what can happen online if we submit ourselves to the leading of God’s Spirit.

As the body of Christ, we can accomplish more together than we can alone; and the internet allows us the opportunity to celebrate what each other is doing; to be infomed as to what’s going on in the Christian faith community; and to be inspired to pursue excellence in all we do.

660 posts, and 20,000 page views (at this new address) later, thank you for reading and sharing and encouraging.


Putting a Face on the Grace of God

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First thing this morning, I got an e-mail from Richard. Apparently he reads this blog, and thought I would be interested in something on his. Rick has known he is HIV-positive for seventeen years now. He’s just started blogging some very candid, and very well-written stories of his life.

The February 23rd post is entitled Old Time Religion With a Twist. In his e-mail he said he’s “not a mainstream Christian” — hey Rick, a lot of people who read this are in that category — but thought it would suit our readers. I definitely agree.

In it he describes a time when he was staying at a particular shelter that obviously touched his life in a special way. He describes the minister who founded the shelter:

“… He was a small, short fellow, but he always had a sweet smile on his face. His face looked like it was always in direct contact with God. He beamed and there was a radiance around him that lit up the room when he entered. He was a quiet man and I didn’t really hear him speak often. But I’ll always remember his face and the way he seemed to glow with a radiance I had never seen and to this day have never seen. …It wasn’t anything he said or did, it was purely the radiance about him.”

Rick, what you saw wasn’t that individual so much as you saw Jesus reflected in him. I wish that could be said of me, of all of us; but quite honestly, sometimes we fail to meet that standard; or by the time we’ve got it figured out what God wants us to be, it’s time to check out of this chapter of life and into the next one.

Your story reminded me of a girl I met years ago who was a former winner in the Miss Toronto contest. She got all the perks of winning that, including a new car, but realized the only time she had ever been happy was when she was a child attending a Christian summer camp. She got in her car and drove to where she thought the camp was, and she knew she was close, but never actually found the camp property. She shut off her engine in that place, and asked God to restore to her the closeness she had felt to Him in those days. (And He did, which is how I heard the story.) She recommitted her life to living as a Christ follower.

So many people, maybe even some reading this blog, have had a special moment where they felt ‘connection’ with Jesus Christ. But the busyness of life takes us away from what the church calls a ‘communion’ we are supposed to experience on a daily basis.

There is an inner longing to return to that place. You hear it in songs:

“We are stardust, we are golden; and we’re caught in the devil’s bargain; and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

For all my readers, I hope you’ll read Rick’s article, and all his blog — here’s the link again — and you’ll pray for him and try to be to others what the people at that shelter in El Paso, Texas were to him.

To Rick, thanks for entrusting your story to me. Today’s the one year anniversary of this blog, and you’ve just reminded me of the good that come when we meet online. The peace of Christ that you experienced at that time is available to you again today. Immerse yourself in what Jesus said and did in the Gospels and allow those stories to come alive right where you are. Determine to live in the truth they present. Then, reach out to Jesus in prayer and ask him to fill you with His Spirit so that you can experience that same love, and radiate that same joy to others. “As freely as you have received, now freely give.”

February 23, 2009

The Party Planning Committee Invites You To a Party

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phyllis-the-officeRecognize her?   That’s Phyllis from NBC’s The Office. Since this blog originates in Canada, NBC is probably working on a way to prevent us from uploading her likeness, since both they and their subsidiary Hulu, have blocked us from just about anything Office-related.  But I digress.   Phyllis is chair of the Party Planning Committee at Dunder-Mifflin, which seemed appropropriate since tomorrow we’re having a party.

Tomorrow this blog celebrates its one year anniversary online. One year and a whopping 660 posts.   Plus an estimated 400 comments left on others’ blogs since I really got into this.   What a ride it has been!   But I’ll say more about that tomorrow.

But — as I will again tomorrow — I want to thank you readers for making it all worthwhile.    For encouraging me to read more books.   For encouraging me to think through greater issues.   But mostly, for allowing me to post crazy links, cartoons, offbeat stories and for not expecting me to fit the regular blogger mold.

See ya tomorrow; Lord willing.

The part of Phyllis Lapin (aka Phyllis Vance)  is played by Phyllis Smith.

Anti-Conversion Bill in Sri Lanka Carries Penalty for Converting Someone

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While attention in Sri Lanka and the world at large is focused primarily on the ongoing war in Northern Wanni against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the religious chauvinist Rajapakse regime has quietly embarked on a devious project to suppress freedom of religion in the Country…

So begins an online article concerning a major loss of religious freedom in Sri Lanka.   This legislation was first proposed in 2004, but worldwide protest prevented its passing.   This time around, Sri Lankan nationals feel the rest of the world has been silent.

Once passed (which is highly likely as the Christians and moderates are quite unaware and / or silent), this act carries a fine of Rs 150,000 and a 5 year prison sentence for someone convicted for ‘converting’ someone.

Read about this here, and here, and in greater detail here.

Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap

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a.k.a. Christianity and Quantum Physics

Keys to Taking Your Quantum Leap
Written by David Van Koevering
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 23:12
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Years ago, as a young scientist and inventor, I worked with Dr. Bob Moog and together we gave the music world the first performance keyboards called Moog synthesizers. I learned to work with electrons and photons – tiny elements that are so small they can’t be seen! Yet these invisible elements cause all electronic devices to work. This project caused me to ask the question, “Is there more to our universe than what I can perceive through my senses?”
My search to learn more about physical reality and how it works led me to discover that quantum physics identifies a large part of our universe to be non-physical. I began to realize that the universe is greater than science has discovered, or can explain. Through quantum physics and spiritual revelation, the Holy Spirit confirmed keys to understanding physical reality. As you read this article, allow the Holy Spirit to let you hear more than I say.

There is a Non-Physical Reality


My studies in quantum mechanics led me to the works of Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and others. Here I learned that everything we see is part of a vast ocean of infinitesimally small subatomic particles. Under certain conditions, these subatomic structures also take on the properties of invisible waves. When I learned that these waves, or particles which make up all matter, cause that matter to blink into existence by being observed by the experimenter, I was shaken to my core.
How could it be that these invisible elements, which make up all matter, can be changed from particles to waves by how they are observed? This reality is beyond our human consciousness and our five senses. Or is it? All of these particles and/or waves appear to be connected. How can it be that every atomic and subatomic element is hooked up? Is this invisible world a part of the spiritual realm?
I suppose the duality of matter being waves or particles and how quantum mechanics attempts to explain this revolutionary idea changed me forever. It caused me to do my own research, which led to the convergence of quantum mechanics and my personal spiritual revelation. I was about to take a quantum leap!
1 Corinthians 1:28 says, “…God (has) chosen…things which are not (the invisible) to bring to nought things which are (the visible).” This Scripture makes sense only when you understand it at the atomic and subatomic level.
Everything is made up of atoms, which are frequencies of energy. These frequencies of energy are the voice of Jesus causing all things to be! Atoms are made up of subatomic particles, and subatomic particles are made up of superstrings (which are toroidal vortices of energy). Superstrings are tiny donut shaped packets of energy that spin at a frequency – or sing as in a pitch.
None of this is real in this dimension because they exist only in a state of possibilities until someone observes them. Then, at that observation, the potential becomes a thing – a particle or a wave. This quantum wave collapse, caused by observation, is called popping a qwiff. This is your first step to taking a quantum leap. You can see or observe a God qwiff (something God shows you that is not yet real in this dimension) and, by observing or popping that qwiff, cause that potential to become your reality. Be careful what you see; you are going to get it! Be careful what you say; you will get that, too!

Light is Slowing Down

The spiritual realm operates above the speed of light. The physical realm – this dimension – has been shaped to its current limits by the falls of both Lucifer (see Luke 10:18) and man in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 3:7). When man fell, the speed of light slowed down. In the beginning, when God spoke the universe into existence, His entire bandwidth of glory was made physical. From His glory (all frequencies) and His voice (all frequencies expressed) all light, energy, and matter became.
It is believed that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. Physicist Barry Setterfield, mathematician Trevor Norman, and Canadian mathematician Alan Montgomery have measured light and proven that the speed of light is slowing down.
That means that light may have been ten to thirty percent faster in the time of Christ; twice as fast in the days of Solomon; and four times as fast in the days of Abraham. My friend Chuck Missler says, “That would imply that the velocity of light was more than ten million times faster prior to 3,000 B.C. This possibility would also alter our concepts of time and the age of the universe. The universe might actually be less than 10,000 years old!” That sounds like a quantum leap to me!
Before the fall, God had created one realm from gravity waves to His glory. This present human realm is up through the electromagnetic spectrum to the speed of light. The interesting point about the speed of light slowing down is that when Lucifer (the bearer of light) rebelled in Heaven and was cursed and cast down – and I believe cast down from the frequencies of God’s glory – he lost his bandwidth and fell down from his spiritual consciousness. In the Garden of Eden, when mankind sinned, was cursed in the fall downward, and lost upper bandwidth and spiritual consciousness, light slowed down even more.
Other Biblical events suggest that the cosmos lost bandwidth. Noah’s flood is such an example. Light slowed down to cause just the right frequencies for the rainbow (see Genesis 9:12-17). At Nimrod’s Tower of Babel, mankind lost the upper bandwidth to communicate (see Genesis 11:7).
Jesus Himself told His disciples that they will get their upper bandwidth back. In John 16:13 He said, “..when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth…and He will show you things to come.” Jesus is saying, “I want to show you your future. You can know My will and My plan for your life, although right now, you don’t have the upper bandwidth to see or observe it. But when the Spirit of truth comes, He will give you the upper bandwidth to see things to come!”
Here is a quantum leap for someone: If you know something coming from your future, let’s say a vision, a revelation, a desire, or even a creative idea, that information has to move faster than the speed of light to reach you. You can and must know your God-given assignment. Information flowing from your future possibilities is waiting for you to see – to observe – and call those things that are not as though they are. The quantum leap of knowing your purpose and assignment is waiting as a God qwiff for you to pop!

Matter is Frequency Being Spoken by Jesus

When God spoke and all the frequencies of His glory became manifest, the cosmos became! From the tiniest vibrating superstring that is causing or singing the atoms that make up the table of 103 elements, all the way through everything the Hubble telescope sees, are the vibrating frequencies of Jesus’ voice.
Colossians 1:16-17 says, “For by Him all things were created that are in Heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible… He is before all things, and in Him all things consist (exist or are sustained).” The phrase “He is before all things” means that He is outside of our time. Jesus said to John the Revelator that He was and is the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (ending). Jesus is outside our concept of time in His eternal now and is causing all things to be.
When we consider creation and all things eternal, our false concepts regarding time and matter limit our understanding. Receive the concept that Jesus is outside of our time and calendar, looking in. He is observing. He is sustaining all things in this nanosecond (one billionth of a second) and is singing the frequencies or vibrations of your body. If He didn’t, you would dissolve! Your electrons, particles, and subatomic structures are blinking in and out of existence. You think you are a solid object, but quantum mechanics has confirmed that all subatomic particles – the stuff you are made of – are blinking in and out of this reality.
Enoch was walking so closely with God in the Spirit that “he was not, for God took him” (see Genesis 5:24). Jesus simply stopped blinking Enoch into this realm! How close are you to Jesus Christ? How far away is your healing, your deliverance, or your miracle? He is close, for in Him you live and move and have your being.
In the next nanosecond, He sustains you or sings your frequency set. Understand that your healing or miracle is within the next nanosecond! In the blink of a nanosecond, He can cause your healing. Observe your healing, your miracle, your deliverance, and be filled with all Truth by observing the future God has for you. Take that quantum leap!
When we understand that we are being created in Christ by His causing, or by Him singing our song, our intimacy with Him will change. His song of creation was not something He did 16 billion years ago. He is causing you now! Because the speed of light has slowed down, because we have our upper bandwidth back, and because He is sustaining us every nanosecond, the act of creation is happening now! Take your quantum leap into His eternal now.

All Matter Has Memory – Your Words are Being Recorded

As a scientist and inventor, I have developed various memory retrieval systems. In the 1970s, I developed a laser optical music system to store sounds on silver oxide film and play the sounds back with keyboards, using modulated light beams. I was amazed when I found the Scripture in Joshua 24:27 that says, “And Joshua said unto all the people, ‘Behold, this stone shall be a witness unto us; for it hath heard all the words of the LORD which He spake unto us: it shall be therefore a witness unto you, lest you deny your God.'”
Was this Old Testament quantum physicist saying that matter has memory? Is this man, who called for and observed the sun standing still in the heavens, telling us that the stone is listening? This is the man who sounded a frequency that cancelled the frequencies of matter in the walls of Jericho, thereby dissolving their atomic lattice structure with his shout and song. Did this man say the rocks are listening?
Jesus said the same thing. Joshua said the stone could record, and Jesus said in Luke 19:40 that the stones would cry out. Habakkuk 2:11 says, “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” I came to understand that all matter has memory. The Bible says that matter can record and it will play back. How can these things be?
As I studied both quantum theory and Scripture, revelation came. I learned that Gerald Feinberg, a physicist at Columbia University, named a certain subatomic particle, that he found in Einstein’s math, after the Greek word tachys, meaning “swift.” He called this superluminal particle a tachyon. This particle moved faster than light!
The tachyon is not looked upon favorably by physicists. If tachyons can be proven to exist and anything that moves faster than light can be found, scientists will have to explain how something can appear before its cause. For instance, if a scientific test was set up to look for this elusive faster-than-light tachyon, and the computer started at 12:00 noon counting forward through the test sequence, the test result wouldn’t be at 12:01 or later. It would show the effect before the cause at 11:59 or earlier. Scientists don’t have computers that count backwards and don’t accept results that appear before the cause.
But wait. Two thirds of your Bible got to mankind before the event or cause! All prophecy is the result of facts before the event. All creativity comes before the actual physical reality! What is a vision? What is a word of knowledge? It is seeing, knowing, getting information before the causation. There is no other source of creativity than the Holy Spirit. All truth comes to man through the only source of truth we have, and that is the Holy Spirit. When you see your future, you are getting information faster than the speed of light through a means of streaming superluminal particles. The barrier of light speed is bridged from this subluminal realm to the higher bandwidth of the superluminal realm by the Holy Spirit.
Something like Gerald Feinberg’s tachyon exists in all matter. It is just above, or faster than the speed of light. We know it’s there because we find the results of such in the very fact of prophecy, or in the concept of words of knowledge, and even our Bible itself. These are proofs that the potential and possibilities of future promises or information is flowing to us. The superluminal tachyon-like connector exists!
That faster-than-light particle in all matter receives and remembers or records photons that shine on matter as in the photoelectric effect. Modulated photons go into all matter, reside in the vortex of superluminal faster-than-light particles, and knock electrons out. This photoelectric effect is how my modulated light musical instruments worked in the 1970s. That is how CD players and DVD players work now.
Today, it is not difficult to believe that matter has memory, because most of us have tiny memory sticks or memory cards that record or store information from our cameras and computers. Information flowing into matter and recalling it is commonplace. Photons from all light sources reflect from your body and off your belongings. Those information carrying photons go into all matter, including walls, your ring, and your watch. This information – even what we say and think – is modulating or moving through the connectedness of all atomic structures. This modulated photon goes in and electrons come out. That is why Joshua said, “This stone has heard.” Every word, action, and deed done in the flesh has been recorded.
This is where yesterday went! It is all recorded in matter and will someday be played back. This is how evil and curses reside in places or things. Even though matter has recorded everything, your prayer in the name of Jesus can take the effect of Christ’s blood – His blood that is eternal and beyond time – and cancel out all evil, sin, and past sin’s memory from matter. Oh, that is a quantum leap for many! You can speak to and erase from places all curses and evil in Jesus’ name.
Have you fixed your past? Have you removed all curses? Have you blessed the things you own? Have you blessed your house, office, car, belongings, money, computer, and phone? Are those things and places free from your past actions, words, and thoughts? You or someone else can speak a blessing or curse on your things. Somebody is about to take a quantum leap!

Seeing Your Future as God Sees it is Quantum Faith


Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance. It is the invisible substance from which your physical world was and is being created by Jesus Christ. Annette Capps said, “God used faith substance and word energy to create the universe. He spoke and the vibration (sound) of His words released (caused) the substance that became the stars and planets.”
God’s future potential and all the promised possibilities constantly flow through the Holy Spirit into you. Noise on my circuit limits my ability to hear His voice and see His future for me. The noise in my inner man is not always sin; my noise can be my gift, my ability, even that special way I am put together and wired. I can become so busy-noisy that I am out of phase with God’s voice and vision for me.
As I get quiet and become still, I can hear and see what God’s future is for my reality. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God…” My future comes from God’s possibilities and potential. I pop God’s qwiffs and my reality is! What an awesome quantum leap!

Creating Protected Places: Is Your Home Protected?

When we understand that matter has memory and that every good or evil action, word, or thought is recorded, it is our responsibility to remove, purge, and release evil memory. I’m also talking about evil memory that came to you through things you inherited. What about evil acts and words that were spoken over you? Or evil artifacts that are in many homes and places? Imagine what evil is recorded in public places, courthouses, jails, even schools, and the stuff in these places!
The Passover in the book of Exodus, chapter 12, is the story of a protected place. The blood of the Passover lamb was not put on the firstborn child. It was not applied to a person. Rather, the blood was put on the side posts and upper door posts of a place. Anoint your home, your office, your car, even public places in the name of Jesus. The Passover was an event where the children of God looked forward to their Messiah and His blood for deliverance and protection. By anointing your places and belongings with oil in the name of Jesus, you can protect them and connect our Savior’s timeless blood over your places. What a quantum leap!

Elsewhen Teaching: Where Yesterday Went and Tomorrow Comes From


Elsewhen is the title of my book. This is an interesting word. Elsewhere means over there, or a place out of town, or out there somewhere. Elsewhen is your consciousness out of time here and into God’s upper bandwidth of cosmic consciousness. It is to disconnect from things of this realm and become connected to ideas, visions, and input that comes directly from your Savior, Designer, and Creator.
Elsewhen is the experience of knowing without having to learn or push yourself to know. It is to so behold Jesus Himself, that you comprehend the root of wisdom through the Holy Spirit.
You herein have come to understand that there is a non-physical reality from which this universe and everything in it flows. Jesus Himself is causing your body, your spirit, and everything you have to blink into your reality. Light is slowing down and there is upper bandwidth and knowledge through the Holy Spirit. All the things of life and their purpose for you and your assignment are frequencies being spoken by Christ Himself at this very nanosecond.
Matter has memory, and you can change everything that has been recorded by what you observe, by the words you declare, or by the curses you remove and release in the name of Jesus. You can create protected places by anointing with oil and speaking blessings with your words of faith. Where will you start? What quantum leaps have come up in your spirit? You have been given a new elsewhen cosmic consciousness. Pop those God qwiffs and cause upper bandwidth to change your reality.
David Van Koevering, President and Founder
Elsewhen Research


electromagnetic spectrum — Function: noun: the entire range of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation extending from gamma rays to the longest radio waves and including visible light
super string — Function: noun: one of the main objects of study in a branch of theoretical physics called string theory. There are different string theories, the most recent version being M-theory. A string is an object with a one-dimensional spatial extent, unlike an elementary particle which is zero-dimensional.
toroidal — Function: adjective: Shaped like a doughnut (science and technology)
band·width — Function: noun
1 : a range within a band of wavelengths, frequencies, or energies; especially : a range of radio frequencies which is occupied by a modulated carrier wave, which is assigned to a service, or over which a device can operate
2 : the capacity for data transfer of an electronic communications system <graphics consume more bandwidth than text does>; especially : the maximum data transfer rate of such a system <a bandwidth of 56 kilobits per second>
David Van Koevering is a writer, minister, motivational speaker, quantum physicist and inventor. His current teachings, “The Physics of Worship” and “The Science of God Sounds” are changing lives worldwide. His life’s work has demonstrated his gifts as a visionary, technologist, futurist and inventor. He is respected internationally for his 30-year contribution to the development and marketing of advanced technology that has forever changed the music industry. As a visionary, he often saw future products and technology more clearly than others, including his competitors. His gift is the insight to see, and by this observation to cause, and then define and communicate what he sees to others. By doing so, those things that were not, became as though they were, and reality changed. He truly has proved with his life’s work and success that he understands where yesterday went and tomorrow comes from.

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