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January 9, 2009

Cats that Speak and Eat Cheeseburgers

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aarons-ichc-racoonIf you’re looking for some escape on the internet, you can’t do better than looking at the funny cat pictures people have posted at I Can Has Cheezburger, at least if their site traffic is any indicator.   Actually, the mis-spelled captions — allegedly written by the cats themselves — that people come up with are what makes ICHC unique.    Occasionally, other animals make it on the site, so my son had hopes for this raccoon shot, but it didn’t make the final cut.   Doesn’t matter.   We’re just so glad to have the coons out of the attic.

After this one was caught and photographed, we were assured he was a solo male and it was unlikely we’d need further help.  Instead, we had to bait and trap another one just days later.   And then a third.    We think they’re gone now.    We didn’t bother with photographs on the second and third ones, because we were less than amused at that point.

If  “lolcats”* are too mindless for you, the same people that do ICHC produce something called GraphJam, which we’ve used content from here before.   It’s a bit more intellectually stimulating; though a tad crude at times.

*lol = laughing out loud, cats = cats


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