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December 20, 2008

Putting More God In Your Calendar

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being-christian“Want more God in your calendar than you get with only the individual days of Christmas and Easter?  Then awaken yourself to the Christian calendar, when virtually every day of the year has a vital and traditionally sacred place relative to the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ.”

So begins an article by author John Shore* at his blog, Suddenly Christian.   Growing up Evangelical, I had no concept of what some call ‘the Church calendar.’

Then I visited a Roman Catholic church one summer and discovered it was “the tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time.”   Huh?   It would be ten more years before I learned what ‘Advent’ met, yet alone experienced an ‘Advent calendar.’   (And another five years before I would see Advent candles used.)  Catch the whole story by linking here and find out why “Ordinary Time” isn’t boring!

*from the book, Being Christian.  John describes the book as “just out,” while his publisher’s website says May, 2009.   We checked.  The book is available now.  Turns out the May date refers to a paperback edition.   His publisher seems oblivious to the hardcover already out.   You just can’t trust anything you read on the internet.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link and sweet little anecdote and so on. Very nice. (You know, I probably shouldn’t have said “Being Christian” is “just” out; it’s been out a few months now, I guess. Seems just out to me, but probably not. And I didn’t even KNOW the paperback was coming out in May 2009. Cheesh. Anyway, thanks again. I appreciate the love you’ve shown my little post about the Christian calendar.

    Comment by John Shore — December 21, 2008 @ 12:52 am

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