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December 9, 2008

“The Law is Good if One Uses it Lawfully”

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William D. [Bill] MounceBill Mounce — in what is apparently # 16 in a continuing series — talks about the various puns in the Bible and how translators deal with them.   Don’t expect to be laughing out loud here, this is a serious article.   But if you’re interested in the issue of Bible translation* then this article on the “Zondervan Friends” blog Koinonia may cause you to flip back and read the whole series.

And what a good series it is.   If this kind of reading is new to you, your capacity for understanding will grow as you read more.   Select the tag for “Mondays with Mounce;” and skim the subjects in the 16 articles currently posted.   Read carefully.  Take deep breaths.   I guarantee you’ll end up clicking to finish a few of the articles.   You’ll find yourself viewing familiar New Testament passages in ways you haven’t before.   And if you’re into the whole translation* subject, you’ll find this series a good consideration of two of the newer ones, the ESV and the TNIV.

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*Oh no!  Bible translation!   Time to turn the comments off on this post.   Sorry, guys.   There’s a few people who are stuck on a particular trans who tend to ruin it for everyone else.   I won’t say which one, but it rhymes with “sing dames.”

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