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December 8, 2008

If It Didn’t Sound Like Good News, You Haven’t Heard The Gospel

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bruxyBruxy Cavey, pastor of The Meeting House in west Toronto tells the story of preaching at a church on “missing the mark.”  A woman came up to him after quite upset because he didn’t talk about sin.   (The word sin means missing the mark.)  Bruxy, author of The End of Religion says that many of us are emotionally bonded to certain words and phrases

In a similar vein, he tells another story of preaching on the “kingship” of Christ, and another upset listener who says he should have talked about the sovereignty of God.   Sigh!   Can we get the point across without “those” words?

abraham-piperAbraham Piper picked up this theme at his popular 22-Words blog, where he makes this observation:

The Gospel is a storyline that can be almost infinitely retold from any dictionary.

If I believe Gospel-telling requires particular vocabulary or it’s not Gospel, I’ll be stiflingly uncreative in my ability to talk about it.

There’s a number of good replies on this, but I added this one:

If missionary stories like Peace Child have taught us anything, it’s that the search for a “redemptive analogy” is going to involve every possibility, without limits. But first, you have to know the story so deeply in your heart that it lives inside you in a place that is beyond words. Then you use whatever dialect at hand will “connect” with those you find in close proximity.

Photos:  Bruxy Cavey (top) Abraham Piper (lower)

Post title:  lifted from a tract published in the early ’80s by Mylon LeFevre

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  1. Amen! I try to do the same thing in our church group. Getting rid of the Christianese is hard for many.

    Comment by Rick Apperson — December 9, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

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