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December 2, 2008

Does Anyone Else Have a Government that Needs Breaking Up?

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We Canadians are really great at shooting ourselves in the federal foot.  This is the only country where under a “oops, we never noticed that loophole*” flawed system, you can lose an election; lose badly; go into hiding for two days afterward; and suddenly emerge six weeks later as the next Prime Minister.

This is all Canadians are talking about.   If you missed my original post, check it out and the link to the main story.  Here’s my wife’s comment to yesterday’s post:

“So our next Prime Minister is likely going to be a man who not only lost, but went down to the worst trouncing the Party has had in decades, prompting him to go into hiding for several days while he duct taped together enough back bone to eventually announce his resignation as party leader. Which still stands, by the way.

Yeah, that’s got to be good.

Gotta hope there’s a puppet master, ’cause the front man’s not inspiring any confidence.”

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(*Well we noticed the loophole about eighty years ago, but that wasn’t just weeks after an election.  It certainly was never made for situations like this; just like many Americans say that “separation of church and state” was intended to keep government out of religion, not keep religious principles out of government; and “the right to bear arms” was really the right to “take up” arms in defense, not a situation where every high school student can legally buy a hunting rifle at Wal-Mart, saw off the barrel, and then rob the local convenience store.)

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