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November 6, 2008

Critically Engaging John Piper’s Theology — errr, make that Politics

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So which issue trumps the other:  A president elect who supports abortion, or a woman as vice-president elect?

First, Michael Spencer at InternetMonk sets up a teaser for the main article:

“…While N.T. Wright’s theology has been examined from all sides almost as a test of reformed loyalty, Piper, arguably the most influential conservative/reformed evangelical pastor-theologian of the last decade, has seen almost no scrutiny of his theology and its application. Despite the fact that Piper is a major innovator in theological vocabulary, almost no one in good standing within the reformed camp has disagreed with Piper in print…”   [Continue reading here…]

Then he links to Justin Taylor’s Between Two World’s Blog:

[Piper] “. . . a person with my view may very well vote for a woman to be President if the man running against her holds views and espouses policies that may, as far as we can see, do more harm to more people than we think would be done by electing a woman President and thus exalting a flawed pattern of womanhood. In my view, defending abortion is far worse sin for a man than serving as Vice President is for a woman.”    [re-start Justin Taylor here…]

Sigh!  Michael Spencer had me thinking for a minute that the earth might move here.   Piper is huge.  On the internet at least.   Not so much in our bookstore.   In past posts, I’ve noted that this particular blog never references him, because there’s so much coverage on so many other blog channels. I thought something more newsworthy was afoot here.   But alas, by the time I got to Justin Taylor’s blog, this was more about politics than theology.  Or was Michael Spencer simply seizing the moment to hint at something else that’s on his mind.

So, back to our first paragraph question?   Which issue would trump the other in YOUR personal theological view?


  1. The latter is a non-issue for me, as I don’t consider it “sin” for a woman to be in a position of leadership…much as I think Obama’s election is a victory for America in many ways, on account of his support of abortion I wouldn’t have been able to vote for him. Not that I can vote anyway, being a kiwi. Faxing off my vote for the NZ elections in the morning…didn’t even realise they were happening until my mum emailed me. Oops!

    Comment by amy — November 7, 2008 @ 12:30 am

  2. I think Piper’s wrong about Palin, as well. But I think he’s also wrong about the supreme importance of Abortion – for some Christians there are other considerations: war, unchecked national spending, environment, etc. To me, the question is, do these things trump abortion? Piper’s off on a lot of things – and though I sympathize with him here on the abortion issue, I think he’s too narrow minded.

    Cheers…and thanks for suffering a random commenter.

    Comment by thefuerstshallbelast — November 8, 2008 @ 12:42 am

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