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October 29, 2008

Choosing Where Your Computer Takes You (and Where It Shouldn’t)

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When it comes to distractions, temptations, and the ugly side of the internet, I could write a book.   Oh… wait a minute I did write a book.   After doing research on this topic, I know where many of the sites in question are just a click away.    These days I don’t visit those sites.   I’m long done with it on a personal level and am no longer in any ‘research’ mode.   Still, there are times I find myself wasting time online looking for something ‘edgy.’   It’s not the same as the hardcore addiction that many deal with, but it’s probably trying to feed the same beast.  Or simply be a stepping stone to the next site, which would be more ‘edgy.’

So, in an effort to respond to the calling that God extends to everyone — to walk in greater degrees of purity and holiness — about ten days ago I taped a little yellow piece of paper to the bottom of my monitor that simply says, “Good Choices, Better Choices, Best Choices.”   I believe that many of the choices we face in life are not a matter of “Good versus bad;” but rather, “Good versus Better versus Best.”  (Capital letters intentional.)

And ya know what?   It works.   It really helps me stay focused on what I’m spending time online doing.   If you’re in a position where this applies to you, try it and let me know how it changes what you do on the net.   And if it’s someone else who uses the same computer who might have an issue with this, tape it to the monitor for them, too.   And if your kids have their own computer, tape it to theirs, and insist they leave it in place.



  1. “Good Choices, Better Choices, Best Choices”

    For me, the more important words on a yellow slip of paper would be, “Good use of time, Better use of time, Best use of time.”

    Even surfing the ‘best choices’ can still be a poor use of our time. I liken it to something David Wilkerson spoke about in his book “The Cross and the Switchblade” — long time ago!!

    After a long, tiring day of ministry, he would settle in front of the TV to relax. It was not that he was watching the wrong choice of program, but that it was a poor use of his time — and the Lord thoroughly convicted him of it. God was calling him to Himself — and that ‘best use’ of his time — prayer and fellowship with Him –launched him into a dynamic, life-long ministry.

    This is where I am at. I love using the ‘net. I love the information I can find; I love learning about life in other worlds, and other parts of the world; I love the feeling of ‘community’ as I form ‘friendships’ via blogs and websites. But I am being convicted of the amount of time it takes that could be used in much more profitable ways for the Kingdom of God. I have a feeling that, as a believer, I am not alone in this. As someone who loves the Lord with all my heart, I don’t want to find myself standing before Him in eternity, trying to explain why it was so important to spend/waste so much time on the computer, when there was a world ‘going to hell’ all around me.

    I have also often had the craziest thought: you know that old adage about ‘If the Holy Spirit was removed from our churches, 99% of what we do there would go on unhindered’?

    If the internet was removed from us; if by same freak of nature (or God Himself) prevented us from actually using the internet for months on end, or forever — would any of us actually know what to do with all that spare time?

    We can quite righteously say, “I never watch TV” but be fully addicted to even the best choices on the other ‘screen.’

    Perhaps this would be a great idea for a blog discussion.

    Gotta go — under great conviction right now!!

    Comment by Kaybee — October 30, 2008 @ 1:49 pm

  2. Hey, thanks for that. Really good comment. BTW, you’ve commented before but I don’t remember ever linking to your blog until just now.

    Everybody, check out The Well at

    Maybe we’ll do a link to it.

    Comment by paulthinkingoutloud — October 30, 2008 @ 5:14 pm

  3. Thanks so much for the link!

    Comment by Kaybee — October 30, 2008 @ 8:29 pm

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