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October 16, 2008

Fee (Steve Fee Band) – We Shine

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We shine, we shine, with the light of God
And when we speak, we speak with words of love
And when we dance, we may get a little wild
Cause we’re the people of God, yeah, the people of God

This has recently become one of my favorite worship songs.   Listened to it three times today while doing a couple of hours of driving.

Problem is, I’m the kind of guy who has to have a lyric sheet in my hands while I’m listening — one of the major benefits of the 12″ vinyl album era, but a big downside to YouTube viewing.

Unless you take your cue from ABC Sports and do a split screen.

First, open any web page featuring the song lyrics, such as this one.

Next restore the window and resize it to fit the RIGHT side of your monitor from top to bottom.

Now open another browser, and click on a YouTube, or Vimeo, or GodTube version of the song.   Since I think YouTube (or MetaCafé) opens faster, I chose this one.  (Second time around you could choose this one.)

With the video running on the LEFT side of your screen, click the button for the lyric page you opened which should still be only the RIGHT side of your screen.   Since it opened last, you can page down as the song progresses.   Just think, kids; not that long ago, split-screen was radically new technology.

By the way, it turns out this is a really bad example, because there are several YouTube versions of this song that have the lyrics already superimposed.

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