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September 28, 2008

Solving the U.S. Economic Crisis

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If the situation is as bad as this:

Maybe they should try this:

Think of the administrative duplication that might be saved; or consider Canada, with a larger land mass but only ten provinces.  Or the business model of the last decade: mergers and acquisitions.

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  1. There is ONLY ONE WAY for the American people to solve their $$$ crisis:
    By a sovereign act of Congress, DECLARE WAR on the Federal Reserve Bandits and outlaw their system.
    The Federal Reserve (a group of private bankers) has continually been given the right to print US $$$. Then the American people, through their elected government, has been borrowing said $$$ at crippling interest rates. Simply put, this is ‘banditry’.
    Why did the US government not originally have US government print said $$$ at no interest rate to the people? This unnecessary paying of interest to the private sector has accumulated to a totally unmanageable level. SOLUTION: Ban the bandits and simply write off the accrued debt plus interest as an act of war. War, not on any sovereign nation, but War on the private bankers that seduced USA when they set up that evil system so many years ago.
    The Federal Reserve was set up as a tap (of interest) to siphon off the wealth of the American people into the coffers of the so-called elitists who owned the banks behind the Federal Reserve.

    Comment by Just Jim — August 14, 2011 @ 5:19 pm

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