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August 15, 2008

Remixing “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates”

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Several months ago I posted a link to Charles Colson’s commentary in Christianity Today where he discussed the various dangers — both theological and in terms of advancing medical science — that occur when we elevate our pet dogs and cats to being equal to humans. He concluded that Christ’s atonement did not include our pets; and I said a rousing “amen” to that, and still would.

But the earlier introduction to Colson’s comments contained reference — and pictures — of four books whose covers implied that we will be reunited with our pets in heaven. My thoughts at the time were, “What a joke!” But then, a few months later, I’m reading Randy Alcorn’s 50 Days of Heaven and he makes a very strong case — hedging just enough to not make an official pronouncement — that we will see Fluffy and Fido in a future life.

Now if this were matter of doctrinal urgency, I probably would not vacillate back and forth. But I think that Alcorn makes a very solid case that God can give us a “New Earth version” of our furry friends (not a resurrection as humans will experience), and I think that Colson had other matters on his mind when he penned* his article. Furthermore, I think we should write down some of our doctrinal beliefs in pencil, not ink, and be open to other possibilities. My faith simply doesn’t rest on either of these propositions turning out to be true. I was quite content to imagine a “no pets” sign at the door of heaven. But Alcorn feels the New Earth will a fulfillment of all that God created in Eden, and that definitely included four- (and six- and eight-) legged occupants.

So now I am admitting to my family that there is a good chance I will see Pookie in a future life, and my youngest is excited about seeing Furby and Duster. I’d spend more time discussing this pressing matter with you, but I have to go and split a church over this. (Don’t laugh, it’s probably happened.) Seriously, read Alcorn’s book Heaven or the devotional mentioned above. Let me know what you think.

~Paul Wilkinson

*Does anybody “pen” anything anymore? I hate overusing “posted.”


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