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May 15, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

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Yesterday afternoon, I landed on one of those “must read every entry; must scan every comment” websites. The timing is interesting because this site deals with some of the same cultural markers that are discussed in Rapture Ready, but this website is intended for those of us who are already insiders.

It’s called “Stuff Christians Like” and apparently is fast becoming a must-read site for a large number of people.   There’s currently over 230 entries.   My suggestion is that you go back to January and start at entry #1 and work your way forward.   Allow several hours just to read the primary entries; longer if you find yourself drawn to the comments — and these are great comments.  (Most people, like myself, can’t resist jumping in several times.)

The author is John Acuff, but you’ll mostly see him referred to as Prodigal John.   What’s unique here is that John doesn’t just put the images, concepts and memories out there (as on the site Purgatorio1, which we’ve posted about here before) but that he gets into some sharp, in-depth analysis of why these things are part of the Christian cultural landscape, along with the resulting consequences.

So, not surprisingly, there’s a book in the works here based on the site, and I think you can still request getting sample chapters e-mailed to you.

In the meantime, link over to:

John also has another site you’ll enjoy, though he doesn’t post to it as often.

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