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May 6, 2008

Equal Time Elminates False Impressions

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Just as it appears to some that the Pentecostal and Charismatic forces have dominated Christian television, so it also appears to me those holding to reformed theology have dominated the internet.

It’s unfortunate when any one position becomes all that people see. Think for example of what impressions are formed by people with no specific church connection when they tune in “Christian” television, and really end up watching “word-of-faith” television. To them, that’s what Christianity is; even though you and I know that it represents a very small percentage.

Right now in the internet world, particularly in the blogsphere, there is a culture of worship surrounding particular authors, pastors and teachers, who — I think in great wisdom — I’ve decided not to name here. Many of these are of the Calvinist or Reformed theological persuasion. Which is great. But it’s not balanced.  It needs to be balanced out by bloggers who are Wesleyan, Holiness, Free Methodist, Salvationists, and (dare I say it?) Pentecostal.

This isn’t new. The world in which I spend my time — Christian publishing — is dominated by companies that came out of a reformed tradition. While I’m not mourning the slowdown in the Charismatic publishing sector, it does leave a void for those who hold to an Arminian position. Where are the Nazarenes? Where is the Wesleyan Church represented?

In the case of the Salvation Army, I considered the possibility that they are so busy doing their faith, they don’t have a lot of time to write about anything. That may be true of other Holiness groups, too. To be perfectly honest, that got me thinking about the possibility that to many of the theological bloggers, it’s all about words. Talk, talk, talk. Blah, blah, blah. Thousands of people blogging online, and all of them virtually saying the same things. Or thing. Busy linking to one another’s writing, and buzzing about the latest book, or more recently a particular Bible edition that won’t be published until October. Blah, blah, blah.

‘…and they’ll know we are Christians by our words, by our words; yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our words.’

Enough already. What I’m trying to do here is create something that the average Joe (or Joanne) can read without getting bogged down by theological nuances, or textual criticism, or worse. I’m doing it because it’s different and I’m not seeing anyone doing anything that looks just like this particular blog. But I’ll gladly give up some bandwidth if it means some people from the Arminian side of the family can have some equal time.

~ Paul.


  1. […] But Calvinists are readers, and as the blogosphere indicates, many are also writers, though a good percentage of the bloggers employ more of a ‘cut and paste’ approach to content generation.   (With, I might add, a great overlap into another emerging subgroup, the Academics.   American prosperity has permitted large numbers of U.S. Christians to enjoy advanced and continuing education, but much of the writing, as Acts 18:15 and 2 Tim 2:14 reminds us can consist of quarreling about words which leads to strife.   See also this post.)   On the other hand, other brands (or cults!) of Christianity tend to be more about about doing which is why the internet has, just as one example, a critical shortage of Salvation Army bloggers, as I noted in back in May ’08. […]

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  2. […] For me it always comes back to the rhetorical question, “Why are there no Salvation Army bloggers?” (Actually there are a small few.) The answer to the question is, “While everybody else is writing about it, they’re out doing it.” I raised that point in this post, where I also noted that those on one particular side of the fence seem to have a militant wing that doesn’t exist on the other side. Worse, this internet domination and barrage of words often becomes the only thing people see. […]

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