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January 22, 2009

The Catholic Version of Google

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catholic-google1I didn’t see the imprimatur from a New York bishop, but apparently this story is all too true.  It’s the Catholic version of Google.  Here in Canada we have a deeply entrenched Catholic school system, so none of this would really raise any eyebrows.   But will other faith-based groups be starting their own search engines?   Maybe, like the board game Monopoly, Google will spin off into a variety of different flavors.
From the “about” page:

Cathoogle is powered by Google using “safe search” technology, it produces balanced results from all perspectives, from sites all over the internet with more weighting to given to Catholic websites and sites containing content relating to Catholics and Catholicism. At the same time our search engine eliminates sites and web pages containing adult themed and explicit sexual content from web search results.

HT: Writing On The Wall Blog

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  1. Thanks for the H/T. This story made me laugh… then made me think. Hopefully, it has an effect for those who use it.


    Comment by hiscrivener — January 27, 2009 @ 4:42 pm

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